Hatch Spray

Hatch Spray is a semi-automatic cabinet sprayer, which can be used for spray vaccination of day old chicks by the method of coarse spray. We recommend our semi-automatic cabinet sprayer for spray vaccination of day old chicks or turkeys in the hatchery. Poultry vaccination against Coccidiosis and respiratory diseases such as Infectious Bronchitis (IB), New Castle Disease (ND), and Turkey Rhino Tracheitis (TRT) is often done by the spray method.
Hatch Spray has following advantages:
1、High capacity, 60000 chicks/hour;
2、Accurate vaccine dose administration, reduce vaccine waste;
3、Required less laborers;
4、Low cost of production personnel;
5、Less stress reaction (almost no stress);
6、Saving investment for equipment in hatchery;
7、Reducing operating expense 。
Hatch spray can replace the traditional method of vaccination, such as nasal drop and eye drop. There are two spray amounts, one is 6ml~15ml (adjustable), and the other is 6ml ~ 28ml (adjustable). We have manually operated hatch spray; we also have such spray that can be placed into the production line.
Standard hatch spray
Roller hatch spray
In-line hatch spray

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