Cage Spray

Cage spray is a special machine used for vaccinating caged chicks by coarse spray.
It can replace the traditional eye drop and intraocular-nasal vaccination.
Compared with eye drop and intraocular-nasal vaccination, cage Spray has following advantages:
1、 High capacity;
2、 Less laborers required;
3、 Low cost of production personnel;
4、 Less stress reaction (almost no stress).
The height of the spray nozzles can be adjusted to adapt to various heights of the cage.
The space between the two spray bars can be adjusted to adapt to various width of the aisles.
There are several types, including: Inline type cage spray and tiered type cage spray or both can be used. Cage spray can spray vaccine to both sides simultaneously, or only to one side left or right.
Cage spray
Inline cage
Tiered cage

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