Automatic Injection

The automatic injection is suitable for administration of live vaccines (Marek Disease), killed vaccines (ND Inactivated), antibiotics or vitamins for One Day to Seven Old chicks.
The Automatic Injection works on compressed air and no electricity is needed.
There are two types: one is Automatic Injection which can inject one fluid; the other is Double-shot Automatic Injection which can inject two fluids (one after the other).
Syringes for doses of 0.1ml, 0.15ml, 0.2ml, 0.25ml, 0.3ml, 0.4ml and 0.5ml are available and adjustable (one or multiple for choosing). It can also be customized. The machine is delivered with a total counter (allows to calculate the total quantity of birds vaccinated) and a pre-set counter (When the quantity has been obtained, the machine stops injecting and recounts after pressing the reset switch).
Skilled personnel can reach a rate of 3000 up to 6000 chicks per hour with this machine.
The automatic injection has been widely used by hatchery at home and abroad.
For the subcutaneous neck injection, automatic injection machine is the best choice for hatchery.
Compared with the continuous syringe, injection machine has the following advantages:
1、 High capacity;
2、 High quality of injection;
3、 Reducing vaccine waste;
4、 Reducing labor cost;
5、 High safety for the operating personnel.
Horziontally placement
Vertically placement

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